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H Y D R A T I O N S Y S T E M © ( V A H S ) H O L O G R A P H I C S O U N D & WA T E R

T E C H N O L O G Y © Multi-channel delivery system

 The wave forms generated during a Holographic Sound© Session are used to create a multi-channel delivery system so that individual’s receive balancing frequencies throughout the day on a variety of cellular channels. Holographic sound© technology is used to create a personal CD. Sound vibrations received via the auditory channel help release old patterns and facilitate the development of new neurological pathways. Similarly, Scalar wave technology is used to imprint structured water with personalized balancing tones. Since water is the most programmable substance on the planet, and since we are mostly water, the use of Scalarwave imprinted water is the ideal way to take frequency information deeply into the cells. Drinking personalized holographic structured water throughout the day not only hydrates the body more efficiently, it also provides continued delivery of the frequencies that bring balance, harmony and personal enlightenment.

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A good stereo system and CD - player are necessary to playback the high and low frequency sound patterns. (no headphones, laptop only if it has a high quality sound card).

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A) package.... $250.....Personal Development

$100 per follow- up phone consultation

B) package.... $300.....Horse and Rider

C) package.... $1600.....Awake to Freedom

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