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The VAHS sound work that I have done has yielded the most profound effects of any other single soul, psychological, body, and spiritual work/method/modality that I have done in my entire life. I am 47.

I am recovering from a lengthy, serious illness, and after starting the VAHS sound work, 5 out of 7 of my medical tests came back Normal, whereas in the six months prior to that, they had shown little to zero improvement! Similarly, after months of no improvement on a monthly visual test specialized to my condition (and some deterioration at times, in fact), I finally gained 11 points of improvement after beginning the VAHS sound work!

As soon as I was told about it, I felt instinctively that this was what all of the other work that I have done on myself was leading up to. It’s what I had been waiting for… Because sound is so primal and the method is nonverbal, it is profoundly powerful in helping the body to release old patterns, pain, history, etc., thereby gradually freeing one’s genuine feelings and “beingness”…

Coming from a severe trauma background, I survived through my intellect…and through unconsciously/self-protectively shutting down my body and hardening it…

I listen to my CD every day, whether awake, or as I’m falling asleep or to help me to fall asleep. I actually crave hearing it every day. Craving anything is a rare experience, for me.

I am profoundly grateful for this VAHS sound system and I will continue to use it in my life… I cannot recommend it enough…
V.A. Los Angeles, California

I am loving it !!!!

VAHS, that is

HH, Omaha, 2015

Here is my testimonial. I love the VAHS technique. It has changed my life. I have done it about 7 times and it has released a lot of old issues around aging, sexuality, money, job issues, scoliosis and more. My posture is so much better and it is continuing to change. I feel so much more joy, happiness and ease much of the time and I flow with life so much better. I plan to continue using this method of healing for my continued growth. Thank you William. You are a genius.

MK Whitefish,MT, 1/12/2014

The power of sound

When William Brooks of AnimusVox told me about his sound therapy, I already had a sense of what sound means to us if we are able to “hear” it. I also had the opportunity to experience natural healing methods during the years that I spent living in Europe. If we keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies and chemicals are a modern creation, it isn’t difficult to understand that cultures older than our own have used methods at their disposal, which have passed the test of time for treating and healing the body. I had no doubt that this therapy would have a positive effect on my well being.

The results for me were incredible. What followed was an ongoing series of events where people were coming into my life in a positive way. Within hours I heard from three people apologizing for not staying in touch. There were people that I didn’t know who came into my life and now we are working on projects. There are others that I have known who are now extending themselves in a more positive way. In every instance people came to me. Every reaction was positive and complimentary. My energy level increased as did the soundness of my sleep. The outcome was positive and effortless.

 I doubt that there are many of us who have not at one time or other picked up a sea shell and put it to our ear to hear the magical sound of the ocean. When I was in the fourth grade our teacher was explaining something that escapes me but there was a part that has stayed with me all of my life. She was making reference to sounds. She said that if we concentrated and listened to the sounds around us that we would hear a rhythm. The rhythm would calm and center us. Then she told us to listen to the sound of the annoying fan blowing heat into the room. She was right. It had a rhythm. To this day I can hear rhythm even in a jack hammer. The affects of sound are apparent in our everyday lives and our reactions to those sounds and vibrations affect our physical and mental well being.

The voice provides an analog of our body, providing a great deal of information about our physical and emotional health, so after having pronounced a series of sounds for recording, a playback was produced based on my input. The sound was similar to a static noise, but as I listened, I could hear sounds within sounds creating rhythms and each one caused me to nod off. That is a sign of relaxation. I would awake to the lack of sound between each new sound pattern. When the session was finished I was very relaxed and quiet. It was as if nothing could get to me. Mr. Brooks asked me to give him feedback regarding any changes It is well established that our bodies are fields of energy. Just as healthy nourishment enhances how our body feels and the level of energy that we experience, so our senses, if we so choose, will lend themselves to our over all well being through the processing of sights and sounds. By listening to our bodies and engaging our senses we can enhance our personal energy field, allowing us to live healthier lifestyles. This is especially important during this time of significant transition in the traditional health care system


MMC Kalispell, MT

 BUT, I do want to tell you something profound. After our first session together, a channel within opened, and for the whole night, I streamed ideas for a book. I have pages of inspiration. A few days later, I was having a pretty intense headache all day, and went to bed with it. Within my dreams, I kept having the vision of laying down and listening to the disc. My subconscious was telling me that I needed to realign with those frequencies. When I awoke, I did exactly that, and my headache went away. In the next month, I will be listening to the disc more frequently. I know that it resonates and creates shifts within me. Thank you again. I will keep you updated. Blessings


The sound treatment had something to do with it, I know. I feel a new clarity and expansiveness inside - I feel taller, stronger, and very calm. There was a little hornet's nest drama while I was gone -  it was going on when we were in Costco Tue afternoon and I was feeling sick !!! duh !!! ) Mentally and emotionally though it's just a blip on the radar screen. My reaction was very very different - Hooray.

aa  august 2009

I would like to thank Mr. Brooks and his magical machine for helping my leaking bladder. It only took two visits. I would wet my pants before I could make it to the bathroom. In two days it all stopped. All I had to do was to lie there and listen to clinging and klanging for half an hour. It changed my life. Thank you again.

rm (85)



My hip hurt me so badly it weakened my leg and it was difficult to stand and walk. Mr. Brooks gave me two treatments and it all went away. 10 days later it started to return. Mr. Brooks gave me another treatment before I left for New York. I lost the daily CD lesson for a week, when I found it and restarted to listen to the sounds the pain went away. I am now pain free. I hope all sorts of people come to you for betterment of all sorts of ailments. Thank you rm (85)

 Barriers to interpersonal relationships seemed greatly reduced. Right after my “treatment” I went into town and strangers seemed unusually drawn to me and not only did our conversation flow naturally and easily, but their body language seemed unusually comfortable/at ease for total strangers. Reduced my urge for sweets Had a tense jaw for 2 days No more “5 seconds irritations” when things don’t go according to plans. The day after my 1st session – my truck broke down and my water went out. Both emitted a “no big deal” attitude (even smiling to myself about their relative insignificance in the overall big picture and both situations resolved themselves within 24 hours and at a cost that was much less than anticipated. Overall – more content and happy with life. mc

november 2009


Dear William,

It is with great pleasure that I update you on my experience with the "Sound Therapy." I have continued to listen to the CD in the evenings, finding that it has significantly contributed to help me move the physical stagnations I have been trying to break through. I feel more alive in my body, and energetic without feeling the scattered energy of other modalities. As I shared I have dealt with a long standing chronic health issue since young adulthood. The natural aging process has not helped. I reached a crisis with this issue approximately a month ago, but now feel I have corrected the issue and am moving towards a place I have never been in since being an adult. I attribute the "Sound Therapy" as a significant contributor in this healing process.

DLF 2010


"The change has been "phenomenal"!!!!!!!!

not only has my courage and strength returned in full force - but my passion for life feels restored. And best of all my "fairy wings" have been unfurled.

Thank you so much.

I feel like I GLOW!

M, Bigfork, mt 8/2010


I am extremely pleased with the results of my treatment. I immediately felt more energy but most important is the fact that I have been painting for the last 35 years, off and on. I always wanted to make my living with it and now everything has aligned in such away that i have given notice at my job and am already behind in the paintings people have ordered ! I am happily excited.

VF, Kalispell